Thursday, August 27, 2009

32 Week Midwife Visit

Well, today I had my 32 week visit from my midwife. Since with Aniela I will be having a home waterbirth, she comes to our home for my appointments. One thing I can say that I love about her is that she is very thorough in every aspect and explains exactly what she is going to do, even though it is basically the same thing with each visit. She has a great sense of humor too, which is also a plus.

Anyway, today was the same typical routine; blood pressure check, blood sugar check, then she measures my fundal height. Next she generally listens to the baby's heartbeat, and then she does those good ol' belly palpitations ... what fun! LOL! For urine tests, blood tests, and things of that nature, if she feels they are needed, I go in to her office.

For me, with this pregnancy, I decided to cut out ultrasound with the exception of one. With Talan, since he was our first child, I was a worry wart and had as many ultrasounds as I could, but I have since educated myself. With Aniela, I have had one ultrasound to see what her sex was. During that one ultrasound, my midwife did a very thorough check of everything. "Well, since we're going to do one, we may as well make good use of the one," is what she said, and I agreed. It may have only been one ultrasound, but it could have been that one time that we found something that we didn't know about. Thank God everything was fine and our little girl, and myself, are both very healthy ladies.

Everything went pretty well today. My blood pressure and everything were just fine. My fundal height is right where it should be, and I am holding steady with a 27 lb weight gain, which is how much it was during our last visit. Miss Aniela is doing great. Her heart rate is wonderful and she weighs about 4 lbs. There is one thing though: at my 28 week visit, Aniela had decided that she would turn in the breech position. Well, she's still in that position. My midwife has told me not to worry as she still has plenty of time to turn, and that some baby's don't turn until birth. It's kind of hard not to worry, but I leave it in God's hands. Let's face it, it could be worse. She's a healthy baby girl who is growing as she should be, and that in itself is a blessing. Hopefully she'll turn her little tucus around!


  1. Sounds like things are going good. Don't worry my little Carly did the samething but then she finally turned & things turned out great. :)

  2. AWWW I love my midwife too! I wish I had learned earlier about the joys of them w/my first 3 kids! Baby 4 did and so will future #5! You're in the home stretch now! Good luck!