Monday, August 24, 2009

DIY Toddler Beds

Being an interior designer, I love reading about new design ideas and projects, and this one really caught my attention. On top of that, I love DIY projects as they can save you lots of money in the long run.

Gabrielle Blair of the Design Mom blog (one of my favorite reads), came up with a great, money saving DIY project for creating a toddler bed. She made two gorgeous toddler beds for only $75 ... that's the cost of making BOTH beds!

Lets face it, finding just the right items and products for your child can be a bit of a task, as you always want them to have the best. Gabrielle became overwhelmed when looking at the large selection of toddler beds available these days. Also, everything that she liked was a bit pricey and more than she wanted to pay, so she did something about it ... she made her own toddler beds! The beds have a simple platform design so that if your little one happened to roll off of the bed, they wouldn't seriously injure themselves. Also, the beds use crib size mattresses, allowing you to get a little bit more use out of those crib mattresses and therefore save a little money.

The step-by-step directions to creating these beds, along with accompanying photos, can be seen by visiting the Design*Sponge website.

To read a few tips and tricks from Gabrielle herself, you can visit her post about the beds on her website, Design Mom.

Our son has a 4-in-1 crib, and our daughter (who is due to arrive in October) has an antique style crib that doesn't convert. These beds would be ideal for our two little ones at some point, and I love that I could display my own design personality with the beds since I would be creating them on my own. This project is really simple but nothing short of genius!

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