Monday, September 7, 2009

Conversations With Poppa Morgan

PM: What are you doing, blogging?

Me: Yep.

PM: About me?

Me: Maybe.

PM: What do you call me on your blog? Do I have a special name or am I just Ted?

Me: I call you by your name at times but I generally refer to you as Poppa Morgan.

PM: Poppa Morgan?! That sounds like an old man. You should've called me Captain Morgan.

Me: *Glare at Poppa Morgan*

PM: Come on, you know "Captain" has more spunk to it!

Me: Mommas and poppas go together, not mommas and captains.

PM: Well, I guess people could get confused from that name and think I'm a real captain or something.

Me: *Another glare.*

PM: I am a captain though you know.

Me: Of course you are dear.

PM: I'm captain of (leans in to look at the laptop) THE MORGAN MOUND!

US: Extreme laughter.

Poppa Morgan and I are watching the FSU/Miami football game and this is just one of the many silly conversations that we have had during the game, LOL!

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