Friday, September 4, 2009

Choosing Thomas - A Family's Decision to Let Their Son LIVE

I'm sure that I have mentioned before that with Talan, I was a bit of a worry wart as he was our my first pregnancy, but even when offered during my pregnancy with him, I declined all antenatal testing with the exception of ultrasound and the glucose tolerance test (diabetes runs in both sides of my family). Upon finding out we were pregnant with him Ted and I had a discussion about the testing, the risks, and the information we would receive. We both read numerous medical journals and articles, books, etc, and then one day it was just like God gave us the answer. We realized that regardless of what our baby would have been diagnosed with, we would still want to try to bring him/her into this world and spend whatever time with the child we could. I have often been asked "Well, what if something happens and the baby is still born?" I must say that it is hard to imagine birthing a still born baby, nonetheless I am a believer that God doesn't put more on you than you can handle. I know that it would be tough, but at least I would know that we gave our child a chance to live. We would get to hold, touch, and embrace him or her, and that in itself would be something to cherish.

With Miss Aniela, I have also chosen to opt out of all antenatal testing, and this time I truly mean all. We had the one ultrasound, the one to find out her sex (though my midwife did try to talk me out of it but as is human nature for some, I just had to know), and while my midwife was scanning, she went ahead and took a few more minutes to get a good look at our little girl since we were having an ultrasound anyway. Otherwise that's it. I didn't even do the glucose test this time, I just personally check my own blood sugar levels as needed.

I said all of that to get to this video that I'm about to post. The Dallas News did a wonderful story on the journey of T.K. and Deidrea Laux. At 20 weeks pregnant, the couple found out that their baby would be born with Trisomy 13, an almost always (almost) fatal, rare, DNA abnormality. Most babies born with this Trisomy only live hours or a few days. Upon finding out this information, the Lauxs' decided that Deidrea would carry the baby to term and that they would enjoy whatever time God gave them with their child. This video is very emotional and made not only myself, but my husband shed tears. My hope is that sharing their story will change the minds of those who have decided that, upon having genetic testing, if they find that their child has a particular disorder, they would/will terminate. A child with a disorder is still a child and can live thrive just like any other child. In the end, they may not be able to catch on as fast, or they may require a little more medical attention, but you won't know anything about the joy that child could bring to your life if you were to terminate.

Another great story to read is the story of Stellan whose badge I have posted in the left sidebar of this page. Stories of children such as Thomas and Stellan are in abundance around the internet. Though some of the children may not have made it, the great part is, they were given the chance to live. Whether it be only inside the womb, for a brief moment in this world, or whether they are still thriving, they lived, and that in itself is a blessing.

To read more about the Lauxs' journey, please click HERE.

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  1. What a great post & so very true. I have a dear sweet friend I met on Cafe mom & we both were due in April 2009 group. She found out halfway through her pregnancy & carried her daughter to term. She was born still but she kept her as long as she could alive inside her. I know if that had been me I would have done the same. On my blog her blog about her daughter Caring for Carleigh. If you have time you should check it out. She is such a strong mom. Thanx for sharing this. {{HUGS}}