Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As an interior designer, I love to browse around and see what's new in the design world. Every once in a while I find a company that absolutely wows me. I stumbled upon CoCaLo today and I was most definitely wowed!

CoCaLo is one of the new trendsetters in nursery and juvenile bedding. Their bedding has very intricate detailing, which gives it a style that stands out amongst the other companies in it's same competitive field. Not only that, their designs are very unique and stylistic which is my favorite aspect, as I am far from a traditionalist when it comes to design. I love new, fun, and unique patterns and styles.

The company has five different nursery and juvenile bedding lines: CoCaLo Baby, CoCaLo Couture, CoCaLo Naturals, CoCo & Company, and Baby Martex.

I have to say that I have not seen such a great leap in nursery bedding design from a company like I have with CoCaLo's couture line.

I mean just look at the beautiful color palettes and tones in the designs above, as well as the intricate detail and stylish patterns. The first thing I said when I saw CoCaLo's couture lines was "Why couldn't I have found out about this company when I was decorating Aniela's nusery?!!!" Our little girl just might have to get another crib set ... you know, as a backup. As a matter of fact Talan might need a new one too!

For the traditionalists out there who like the cutsie animal designs and the themed rooms, CoCaLo has you covered as well. Here are a few from the CoCaLo Baby collection.

I am generally not a fan of themed nurseries, but I must say that even some of the themed designs that CoCaLo have released caught my attention.

The company also has a new naturals collection, and though they have only released two sets thus far, they are absolutely stunning! And, for those of you with toddlers or older kids, they have also released some new toddler and twin couture sets!

Now, I know you're wondering how much these sets will set you back and to be honest, they aren't very expensive. The themed sets will run you about $160 to $170, while the couture sets will run you about $200 to $225. I paid in the range of one of the themed sets for the bedding that I got for Aniela's nursery, and for just a little more I could've gotten her one of the gorgeous couture sets from CoCaLo!

Another great thing about CoCaLo is that if you visit their website and find a bedding set that you like, they have a nursery resources section in which they give design tips that go along with each bedding set, including the names of coordinating Behr paint colors!

For anyone who is expecting, I highly suggest looking into CoCaLo's nursery bedding. The next time that I am given a nursery project by my firm, I will most definitely be showing some of CoCaLo's designs to my clients.

You can visit the CoCaLo website by clicking HERE.
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