Sunday, September 13, 2009

Conversations with Poppa Morgan - The Nikes

PM: (Yelling from upstairs) Honey have you seen my shoes?!

Me: Which ones?

PM: My Nikes!

Me: Which Nikes?

PM: My Nikes!

Me: Ted, you have like three pair of Nikes. Which Nikes?

PM: My Air Max!

Me: No, I haven't seen those around in a while. Where did you have them last?

PM: I don't know, that's the problem!

Me: You're tearing apart the house looking for shoes and you don't even know where you had them last?

PM: *Silence*

Me: Ted, darling ... don't you think that you should first try to remember where you last took them off before you begin ram-shacking our home?

PM: Honey, I just remembered I even HAD the shoes!

Mind you these are shoes that were on awesome sale and, being the nice wife that I am, I saw them and said "You know what, my husband could use some new sneakers so why don't I get a pair of these for him?" He did end up remembering where they were though. Where? At someone else's house! Apparently one day when the guys had a paintball day they went back to our friend Eric's house and Ted changed into some flip flops there and he forgot the sneakers.

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  1. Ha ha! Men!!!
    Those are some nice shoes! So glad he was able to locate them! :)

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