Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sciatica Aniela

Our darling daughter Aniela, who is all snuggly within my womb, has somehow managed to position herself so that she is pressing against my sciatic nerve. Now, when I was pregnant with Mr. T, he would bump against the nerve from time to time and cause a sharp pain to shoot down my leg, but the little lady has actually somehow managed to put constant pressure on the nerve, something I haven't dealt with before. I will say that it is highly, highly uncomfortable. My left side, from my lower back, down, is feeling quite a bit painful. Poppa Morgan has attempted to help the situation, only to make it worse. A little while ago he thought that maybe poking at our little girl would get her to move off of the nerve ... not so much. Each time he poked at her she just moved and pressed against it even more. I told him that I appreciate his services but that I would rather just deal with the situation at hand instead of having him poke and prod at not only our child, but me as well. I am very tired and thought that I would call it a night early tonight, but I don't see that happening as no matter how I turn, whether laying down or sitting up, I just can't get very comfortable. I have even tried laying on my really big pregnancy pillow but to no avail. Poppa Morgan has said that he will sit up with me though I told him that he doesn't have to. But, it is good to have some company while I attempt to amuse myself into a state of extreme sleepiness to the point that I won't care if I'm hurting or not because I will be so tired. Hopefully this bout of "Sciatica Aniela" will pass soon.

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  1. I hope so to, Hang in there she will soon be here. I'm saying a prayer for you !! {{HUGS))