Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nursery Details

I know it's long overdo, but here are a few details from Aniela's nursery.

There is a humongous window behind the crib that gives off some beautiful natural lighting, but I cropped it out to get a closeup of the nursery bedding. We don't really have to turn lights on in Aniela's nursery until nighttime because of the window.

I actually have a thing about putting carpet in nurseries, it's just something I don't do, but in every house there is a room that can be a bit drafty/cooler than others, and unfortunately this is it. I had the carpet laid down to absorb some of that cooler air. I do plan on ripping it up one day when she's older, though.

She's co-sleeping with us now so this room doesn't even get used except during her naptime. That TV is going elsewhere by the way. My husband put it there "temporarily" he says. I told him that by the time she is sleeping through the night, at which point we will move her to her nursery, it had better have a home or it's going in the garage.

If anyone has any questions about where I got particular items, feel free to ask.


  1. I just love it so very beautiful.

  2. Congrats. A new baby in the home makes it so much warmer:)
    I know your busy. I have some awards for you....xoxo

  3. Hey Tiff,

    It looks GREAT. Congratulations on baby Aniela.

    I was wondering where you got the ottoman thing? I LOVE it and if we have another girl I wanted to get something similar.

    Congratulations again, and God Bless,

    Kristen and family